Why Social Media and TV Is The All-Important Tandem


Have you ever watched a TV show or a movie with someone and the two of you start adding your own commentary, even if it’s at the expense of losing focus on the form of media in front of you? It seems like this matter of thinking has bled into the Internet; more specifically, social media. Is it possible that social media can play into television in the same way?

If you ask me, there is not a more important combination in the digital world than social media and TV.

Social data intelligence company Pulsar conducted a study and it was found that the amount of social television activity on Tumblr is greater than it is on Twitter. Most of this can be attributed to live-blogging, which is perhaps one of the most addictive endeavors that any social media user can become lost in. The idea of watching a new episode of your favorite show and adding comments for everyone to see on any given networking channel is enticing. As a result, it opens up the opportunity for fans to socialize with each other.

Tumblr has many different audiences when it comes to television shows. During late 2013, you’d be hard-pressed to find any two shows that were as popular on Tumblr as “Supernatural” and “Sherlock.” In addition, as a professional wrestling fan, I can attest to the fact that there is an audience that will tune in to see every weekly show and comment on it throughout its duration. The amount of potential that Tumblr has, in terms of weekly programs, is astounding and it speaks volumes about why social media and television is a pairing not to be overlooked.

“Cable is dying off, though, isn’t it? Why is television so important to social media?” This is a fair criticism to make but I would argue that television isn’t watched in the same way as it was a decade ago. Instead of relying on cable companies in order to catch up on TV programs, people can subscribe to services like Netflix and Hulu Plus for this purpose. Not only do these services offer tremendous libraries of content but they can be accessed at any user’s leisure, with as few ads as possible. If anything, they stand as what television has evolved into and I am sure that any online marketing firm would agree.

On-demand libraries, while tremendous, are not the only ones to consider when it comes to social media usage. What about live-streaming content? The WWE Network, which has been commonly touted as World Wrestling Entertainment’s version of Netflix, possesses both a broad back catalog of vintage content as well as scheduled showings of original content. For example, a half hour before Monday Night RAW goes live on the USA Network, WWE Network subscribers can watch the RAW Preshow and, potentially, post about its occurrences on not only Tumblr but Twitter, Facebook, and other networking platforms.

For better or worse, social media has given everyone a voice and that very voice can be exercised for the purpose of television shows. Even though Tumblr, according to the aforementioned study, is used more for social TV engagement, this should not deter others from other networking platforms. Twitter and its live-tweeting craze will likely not go away anytime soon.

After all, it is another element that offers strength to tandem that is social media and TV.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Image Credit:Robert S. Donovan via flickr



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