Guest Post: 5 Reasons to Use Bulk SMS in Your Marketing Campaigns

SMS marketingIt’s very tempting to go all out with your mobile marketing, focusing on the latest technology available, creating stylish, impressive and cutting-edge marketing campaigns, but let’s not forget about SMS.

Before going into detail about the full benefits of SMS marketing, here’s an important statistic from a previous blog on Digital Marketing Ramblings, By the Numbers: 35 Mobile Marketing Stats You Need to Know “Percent of Smartphone users that text: 96.” So, despite the advances in mobile technology, texting is still important to users. But why use bulk SMS in your marketing and customer communication?

1. Speed

SMS is quick to send, quick to read and quick to respond to. Once sent into a bulk SMS gateway, it takes seconds for the messages to be sent out.

2. Cost

Yes, it’s cheap to send a text message compared to many other forms of communication, but real money-saving comes from the benefits of bulk SMS. The quickness of SMS means you can use it for last-minute communications.

For example, here are some notable savings:

  • The National Health Service in the UK saved £3k in nurse appointments and £15k in GP appointments annually by using bulk SMS for patient appointment reminders;
  • National Express, a UK-based travel company saved an estimated £8.5k annually by offering SMS tickets as an alternative to printed ticket.

3. SMS is less likely to be filtered out as spam

The good news with SMS is that there aren’t spam filters on inboxes. That doesn’t mean that you can spam all of your customers though, but it does mean that if the message is relevant, they use their phone and they haven’t unsubscribed, they’ll probably get it.

4. Build meaningful conversation

Engage, listen and interact. Anyone who reads social media marketing blogs will no doubt know the importance of building relationships with your customers.

When executing a bulk SMS campaign, you can offer your customers the opportunity to respond to either a short code, which is a five-digit number or a long code, which looks like a regular, full-length mobile number. Both options allow you to ask for feedback from your current and potential customers, and receive the response quickly!

5. It’s better for the environment

Bulk SMS involves no printing, no paper, no waste and no fuel for transportation. From an environmental and a PR perspective, this is a huge benefit.

SMS has been around for some time, but the reliability, cost, quickness and directness means that it should still be considered a big part of mobile marketing for any business.

Image credit: BuzzFarmers via Wikimedia Commons