How To: Optimize Your Google Quality Score (Infographic)

google quality score infographic

So you are running Google AdWords ads and you just aren’t getting the results you thought you would. Maybe your cost per click is higher than expected; Maybe your ad isn’t showing up in a desirable position; Maybe some of your ads just aren’t appearing at all.

So why are your ads not performing up to expectations? The answer may lie in your quality score. A quality score is Google’s way of ensuring that the ads people see are highly relevant to the terms they are searching for. Quality scores dictate how much an advertiser pays and where an ad shows up in search results among other things.

So how do you ensure your ad group’s quality score is high? Thankfully, Digital Net Agency has created this handy infographic that breaks down what goes into a Google quality score and how you can optimize it.

Landing pages, Keywords, Ad Copy, CTRs, etc, etc, etc…so much to think about. Hopefully this sorts a few things out for you and gives your quality score a little boost.

Good Luck!

google quality score infographic