How To: Track Santa Claus’ Travels Digitally (2015 )

The big night is almost upon us and once again, a couple of our favorite digital platforms are making it easy for you and your kids to track Santa Claus’ journey from the North Pole.

2015 Update:

Google Santa Tracker

Google’s Santa Tracker is back for 2015 and it includes a number of fun projects for kids to do throughout the month of December. A big focus of this year’s Santa Tracker is teaching kids to code and there are fun and engaging activities included to encourage coding.

Another interesting development for this year’s Santa Tracker: Google made it responsive for all screen formats, including Android Wear devices.

Norad Tracks Santa

Once again, our friends at NORAD and Microsoft are tracking the big guy’s journeys in real time. NORAD Tracks Santa is available in 8 languages this year and will officially go live at 2:01 am ET on December 24th.

Original 2013 Post:

NORAD Tracks Santa

For the past 59 years, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been tracking Santa’s progress around the globe. Each year, NORAD tries to make the Santa-stalking a bit more creative and interactive. Well, they are back at it this year with the help of Microsoft (yes, they are no longer working with Google).

Here is this year’s fun NORAD Santa-tracking microsite. Once again, there are games, Santa updates and a countdown on the site to keep your kids entertained prior to December 24th. This year’s site works great on just about every device. Very well done.

This year’s trailer for NORAD Tracks Santa gives a history of the program and walks you through the features of the site. Take a look:

Google Santa Tracker

Google may not be partners with NORAD any longer, but they haven’t gotten out of the Santa-tracking game yet. Like the NORAD site, this year’s version of the Google Santa Tracker has games and other time-wasters for kids in advance of the big night. In true Google-fashion, Santa Tracker is available pretty much everywhere a digital geek goes. With Chromecast, Glass, Chrome and Android integration, Santa won’t have a whole lot of privacy this year.

Here is a little trailer for Google Santa Tracker:

Bonus Tip: To get a sneak peek at the jolly old man and his traveling companions, just type “Santa Claus” into Google Search. You’ll get a nice little surprise.

Enjoy the Santa tracking everyone…I’ll be checking in as I do my annual last-minute Christmas shopping.