No More Drunk Tweeting or Facebooking: The Social Media Sobriety Test

Big News: A major step has been made in the eradication of the greatest social embarrassment since drunk dialing!

The folks over at urlesque have come across a very interesting new Firefox plug-in that doesn’t allow you to post on Social Media unless you pass a sobriety test. You set the times that you are most likely to be drunk and on your computer and it gives you a test before letting you access your social media pages during those times.

While this is a pretty cool solution to a very embarrassing problem, it certainly doesn’t solve the problem. I haven’t seen the scientific research about drunk facebooking or tweeting, but I would assume a large percentage of it is done via mobile- not sitting in front of your computer using the web interface. Also, this does nothing for those over-drinkers that use applications like Tweetdeck to monitor and post to their social media accounts.

Personal responsibility still reigns supreme in my book, but the creativity of this plug-in was too good to pass up blogging a bit about.