App Helps You Create a Facebook Photo Collage for Your Cover Image

Pizza restaurant chain California Pizza Kitchen recently created a pretty cool Facebook app that uses your photos to create a collage for your profile cover image.

Creating the collage is easy: Authorize the app and then choose/position the five images you want as your cover photo collage. You then save the collage to your photos and then make that image your cover photo. Very simple.

For all of you couponers (like me), this app does feature a $1 off CPK frozen pizza printable coupon.

From a digital marketing standpoint, this app covers a bunch of key criteria for a successful and desirable like-acquisition app- It’s a useful app that is relatively easy to build and includes a decently-valued coupon.

Here is the problem for CPK- the app doesn’t seem to be like-gated (require a page like to use the app or print the coupon). It allows you to like the CPK page from the app, but doesn’t seem to require it, which is almost unheard of these days. I actually used the app and printed the coupon without liking the page (I went back and liked it afterwards because I am a CPK fan).

Assuming CPK has a sizable and strategic ad buy to publicize the app, I have no doubt that they would rack up the likes with a like-gate. It will be interesting to see how many likes CPK gets from it without the requirement.

Regardless of the marketing benefits to the brand, this is a fun little app that I highly recommend if you are looking to switch up your cover image a bit.

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