Mobile App Tells You Where the Cheapest Gas Near You Is

With gas prices skyrocketing these days, we all want to find the best deal to salvage what we can of our budget. So what do you do? Waste gas to try to find a cheaper station?

Not anymore. The national gas price community website has released a mobile app that gives you the prices of gas at the stations near you.

The app is currently available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

The app also has a user login that allows you to sign up to report gas prices in you area. To entice people to use this feature and help them out, is running a sweepstakes among users that report prices and guess what the prize is- a gas gift card!

Ten years ago, who would’ve thought that someone would be able to build an entire online community around gas prices.

Yet another example that everything in life is social and digital these days.