million pageviewsI am excited to announce that DMR just crossed 1 million pageviews for 2013…and no, I didn’t hit refresh 999,999 times.

While some marketing sites see over a million pageviews a month, I am very satisfied crossing this milestone. Actually, kind of amazed to be honest.

Some of you may not know this, but DMR is a side project for me that started out as a personal blog in October 2010. This past February, I took a Marketing Director gig that extended my commute from the 15 minutes it had been for 5 years to upwards of 2.5 hours each way.

Between the challenges of learning a new company and an entirely new industry and sitting on a commuter bus 5 hours a day, I initially had no idea how I would be able to continue to maintain this site. Keeping up has been a challenge at times, but thanks to great organizational tools like Evernote, Hootsuite and Feedly, a commuter bus with WiFi, a whole bunch of caffeine and a very, very understanding wife, the site has continued to grow exponentially in 2013.

How much has it grown? Well, DMR had 129,779 pageviews for all of 2012.

Ya, it has taken off a bit.

This site could never have reached a million without the awesome contributions from the DMR guest blogger community. Our active community member count is now in the hundreds and I have had the pleasure of reading and publishing scores of helpful digital marketing posts written by our great contributors throughout the year.

Of course, the other component in this little bit of success is all of you: the half million or so of you that stop on by and check out the site from time to time. I am grateful for each and every one of your subscriptions, shares, comments, mentions, tweets, references, etc, etc, etc. It seems like you have found this site helpful and I really hope you continue to subscribe and visit into 2014 and beyond. You won’t be disappointed.

OK, so wouldn’t it be fitting if we celebrate 1 million views with some DMR stats? Here you go…stats for a stat blog…enjoy!

  • Number of DMR pageviews in 2013: 1,000,013

  • Number of DMR visitors in 2013: 509,441

  • Top 3 countries for DMR visitors in 2013:

1) US (49.17% of all visitors);

2) UK (11.38%)

3) Canada (5.26%)

  • Top 3 DMR posts in 2013:

1) How Many People Use 300 of the Top Social Media, Apps & Services?

2) 92 Amazing Facebook Stats You Need to Know

3) 53 Amazing Twitter Stats

Thanks again everyone and here’s to 2 million and beyond in 2014!


Image credit: Paul Downey via flickr