Mannequin Challenge Statistics | By the Numbers

Mannequin Challenge Statistics | By the Numbers

Every now and then a strange craze engulfs the internet and you just have to stand back and wonder in its unexpected viralness. Planking and the Harlem Shake of a few years back are a couple of examples of this. Well, we appear to be in the midst of one of those unexplained viral moments again. There is growing popularity around a phenomenon called the Mannequin Challenge– a practice in which you video tape a normally active scene of daily life as if it time was standing still. Here are a few examples:

First Lady Michelle Obama, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers at the White House take the Mannequin Challenge:

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign with Jon Bon Jovi take the Mannequin Challenge:

The Chicago Bears take the Mannequin Challenge:

So how big has this viral video craze become? Here are a few of the interesting Mannequin Challenge statistics I have been able to dig up. Not a bunch to go off of yet, but much more to come. As always, I will be updating this post regularly as more stats become available, so stay tuned!

Mannequin Challenge Statistics:

Most popular mannequin video (by views) on YouTube:

The Late Late Show with James Corden (911,000 views as of 11/12/16):

Most popular mannequin video on Facebook:

BYU Gymnastics (6.8 million views as of 11/12/16):

Number of mentions of Mannequin Challenge on Twitter to date:

over 4 million mentions

Last updated 11/11/16

Number of mentions of #MannequinChallenge on Instagram:

16.294 million according to Hashtracking

Last updated 11/12/16

More stats to come very soon!