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Apple App Store Stats and Facts

itunes stats

iTunes Statistics

Number of total iTunes users:

800 million

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Last updated 4/24/14

Number of credit cards that Apple has on file from iTunes:

400 million

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Last updated 4/24/14

Number of iTunes song purchases:

25 billion

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Last updated 2/6/3

Average amount that iTunes users spend per year:


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Last updated 5/10/13

Average number of songs downloaded from iTunes per minute:


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Last updated 2/6/13

Number of people that listened to the U2 album that was free to Apple users:

33 million

Last updated 9/16/14

Number of iTunes Radio Users:

20 million

Last updated 10/25/13

Number of songs listened to on iTunes Radio:

1 billion

Last updated 10/22/13

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