Is Social Media Making Us Socially Awkward? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here is an infographic from that pulls together stats to attempt to answer the question “Is Social Media Making Us Socially Awkward?

A few things I found interesting here:

1) I have mentioned this in past posts, but I am still amazed at the amount of time people spend on mobile versions of Facebook. To say their app is clunky and not user-friendly would be giving it a lot of credit. Thankfully, they seem to get that mobile is a major issue for them and I have no doubt that they are working to address it (and make a little money off mobile).

2) This clearly has a Facebook focus, but I’d like to see more stats on email and texting. How about:

    • The percentage of people who use email as a first means of communication in business rather than phone; or
    • The percentage of people who respond to a missed call with a text message.
I would make the argument that email and texting are much bigger catalysts for social awkwardness (and hard feelings) than Facebook. But that’s just my observation.



What do you think?


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Infographic Credit: sheriffgbailey
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