Which Industries See the Most Facebook Post Engagement?

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Facebook Post EngagementFacebook page management has always been a moving target for marketers. What works to spark engagement one day may be completely ineffective the next and the tools and functionality available to page owners changes literally overnight. Of course, a smart Facebook advertising campaign is the one constant in staying in news feeds and generating post engagement over the years, but even Facebook’s ad offerings change frequently.

So which industries have this Facebook post engagement thing mastered? As part of the promotional campaign for their latest Social Engagement Benchmark Report, ExactTarget analyzed over 2 million Facebook posts sent from their platform in 2013 and created the interesting infographic below. The measured post  engagement by industry and when the engagement occurred.

We have seen similar results before, but it is always interesting to revisit these studies and see how Facebook’s news feed tweaks have stirred things up and who the winners and losers are. Clearly, based on these results, Media and Entertainment brands are the clear winners.

I should note that it isn’t 100% clear if all of these post results were just organic or if some of them had an advertising component. Obviously, sponsorship of a post would skew the results quite a bit. 

facebook post engagement infographic

Infographic credit: http://www.exacttarget.com/blog/new-research-facebook-benchmark-data-from-2-million-posts/