How You Can Raise Autism Awareness On (and Off) line

Autism Speaks is working on a campaign to promote autism awareness that integrates digital and traditional marketing pretty well.

The Light it up Blue campaign encourages people to show their blue on April 1st and 2nd. Their microsite gives all the details about what you can do to help offline (wear blue, host an event, change you light bulbs to blue, etc) and online (place a banner on your site, blog/tweet about autism, change your Facebook avatar and/or status to reflect the effort, etc).

As a marketer, I love to see non-profits embracing digital marketing and creating a fully integrated campaign; As a member of a family with an autistic child, I am very happy with the outstanding work that Autism Speaks does to raise awareness, which this campaign is the most current example of.

Please check out the Light it up Blue microsite and do your part to spread the word on April 1st and 2nd!