How To: Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Note: This post originally appeared on my other site Please visit the Insider for more of the latest Pinterest news and tips. 

Pinterest added a feature today that aims at giving website owners proof that they own the site in their profile.
Verifying a website is pretty easy (for most site admins). All you have to do is:
  1. Go to the settings option of your Pinterest profile.
  2. About halfway down on the settings page, you will see a space to fill in your website. Fill it in and click the verify option.
  3. You will be prompted to download an html file and upload it to your site. Do this.
  4. Go back to the verification instruction page and confirm that you’ve uploaded the file. Pinterest will check for the file and verify your site.

OK, here is the catch: Unlike most site verification processes, there is the option to upload the file to your site. Usually you have a second option to place code on your site if you are unable to access your site files.
Unfortunately, PinterestInsider is a Blogger site, so I am unable to upload a file to my site (if anyone knows a workaround, email me!) making me unable to verify the site. Hopefully, Pinterest adds the code snippet option in the near future to plug this obvious hole.
There you have it. A (for the most part) simple process to verify your site.
Happy Pinning!