How To: Transform Any Website Into a GeoCities-Like Masterpiece

GeoCities logo

GeoCities logoEvery once in a while do you think back to the early days of the Internet and wish you could relive them. The melodious sound of the modem, chatting all night on AIM, reading your Hotmail, searching on Altavista- all fond memories of a simpler time.

Well, now you can go back in time and view the web it may have been a decade ago. GeoCities-izer by Wonder-Tonic is a fun website that takes any current site and makes it look like a vintage GeoCities site. You remember the Geocities sites: Long scrolling pages, textured backgrounds, highlighted text, dancing images, strange fonts, etc, etc.

GeoCities as we remember it is long gone, but hopefully this will give you back a little bit of your innocence for a brief moment. Here is a sample of what this blog may have looked like back in the day:


Enjoy the stroll down memory lane!