How To: Remove Political Posts From Your Facebook Homepage

Facebook political post filterIt is that time of the year! If you haven’t been to your Facebook homepage lately and don’t enjoy non-stop angry, partisan political posts (from both sides of the spectrum), then keep away. People of all walks of life are taking to Facebook to tell the world how great their candidate is and how evil the opposition is.

Well, if political posts aren’t your cup of tea (no pun intended), you now have an option. F.B. Purity is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers that allows you to select specific words to filter out of your Facebook feed.

After installing F.B.Purity, all you have to do is visit the extension’s settings and enter your custom text filters. Entering in Obama, Romney, Republican, GOP, Tea Party and Democrat will probably remove a majority of political posts from your feed. If you have a hotly contested race in your particular state or district, you will also want to enter names and keywords related to that race as well.

The extension actually gives you a bunch of other filters for your feed including “Became Friends With” and the dreaded “Changed Profile Picture.”

There are actually a number of Facebook-filtering Chrome Extensions out there. You will recall that I recently told you about, an extension that replaces your friends’ baby photos in your news feed with an image of your choice.

Of course, if there is a particular Facebook user whose posts annoy you more than most, you can always use Facebook’s built-in options to hide the post, hide all of that person’s posts, or just unfriend them. You can do this right from one of the offending posts in your feed by selecting the drop-down in the top right corner of the post.

So tell us, what kind of news feed items annoy you the most? How do you deal with them? Did F.B. Purity help rid you of the annoyance? Leave a comment below and share!