How To: Like a Facebook Page Without Seeing its Posts in Your News Feed

Facebook recently added a pretty useful feature that has flown under the radar so far. Now, when you like a Facebook page, a small box pops up that allows you to add the page to a list or you can de-select the option to have that page’s posts show up in your news feed.

Here is a screen cap of  what the new feature looks like:

This post may seem contrary to my digital marketing roots. After all, I spend a great deal of time each day trying to figure out how to get my clients’ post to show up MORE in user news feeds.

So why am I sharing this little anti-marketing shortcut???

Simply put, I have seen first hand that there are more bad Facebook marketers out there than good ones and there is a boatload of junk being post on pages everyday. You should have the right to like the brand, but rebuff the marketer if they deserve it.

Besides, the more you mute other pages, the more my pages will show up in your feeds 🙂

So next time you like a Facebook page, do a quick scan at the quality and frequency of the page’s posts. If it doesn’t look like something you want to hear from regularly, you now have an option other than unliking the page.

Oh, and the selection of Sierra Mist’s page for the example image above is purely because it was the last page I liked. No, I didn’t mute them in my news feed. THey actually do a very good job managing their Facebook community.

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