How To: Share a Tweet via Email

email tweetTwitter announced a new feature late last week that some of you may find helpful. Now, you can email tweets to your non-Twitter friends.

I am sure there will be a number of different situations in the future where this feature may be useful. One that comes to mind immediately is sharing deals. Say a brand is offer a Twitter-only deal. Now you can share that tweet with your not-so-technologically savvy parent via email so they can take advantage of it as well.

This may also be a popular way to share tweeted photos with non-Twitter users.

According to Twitter, emailing a tweet will be very simple:

  1. Go to and find the tweet you’d like to email;
  2. Next to the Reply/Retweet/Favorite buttons within the tweet you will see a new “more” option;
  3. Select “more” and you will be able to email the tweet.

In their announcement, Twitter stated that they will be rolling out the new email feature over the “coming weeks,” so if you don’t see the more option now, you should soon.

Image credit: ideagirlmedia