How To: Build Authority for Your Website and Improve SEO (Infographic)

SEO has changed quite a bit over the years. In Google’s never-ending quest to make search results as relevant as possible, they have placed a heavier emphasis on factors like social media and have devalued sites over-saturated with keywords and low-quality backlinks.

Staying on top of Google’s algorithm changes could be a full-time job for marketing managers. Thankfully, Vertical Measures has created this handy infographic that gives a nice summary of some of the measures you can take to build authority for your site.

Doing all of this at once is probably a bit more than your team can handle, but go for the low-hanging fruit like making a donation to a non-profit and sharing on social networks and then work in the more labor-intensive measures like webinars and eBooks.

I suggest that the first thing you do is set up your blog and come up with a plan for keeping it up to date. Fresh site content is critical to your high search ranking. Not to mention that quality blog content is much more likely to be shared socially and attract quality backlinks than static website pages.

Do you have a SEO tactic that isn’t listed on this graphic? Please leave a comment and share!

SEO Infographic

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