How To: Be Happy

how to be happyIf you are checking this post out, chances are you need a bit of a happiness boost. As always, DMR is here to help.

While looking for an interesting digital infographic to share, I stumbled on this one that might be more appropriate for this rainy Saturday morning (in the northeast US at least).

This informative graphic takes a look at a bunch of factors that go into determining your happiness. It should give you some solid ideas on how you can hack your happiness by tweaking your routine.

A few of the “how to be happy” factoids I found most interesting:

  • 20 minutes a day in good weather improves your mood, thinking and memory (Tweet this)
  • Married people are 10% happier than the unmarried (Tweet this)
  • Healthy people are 20% happier than average (Tweet this)

Hope this helps give your day a little boost!

how to be happy

How to be happy

by WebpageFX.
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Happy Image credit: Charles Henry via flickr