How Photos and Videos Dominate Social Media (Infographic)

Here is an interesting infographic that illustrates just how popular photos and videos are on social media and how the social networks are embracing this trend.

The social media infographic is the work of Communications Agency M Booth.

Photos really are key to engagement in social media these days. I have conducted countless hours of competitive research and studied more brands than I can remember in crafting some of the social strategies we employ in my day job and one of the most common threads among all of the successful brand posts is imagery.

One key trend that was overlooked in this graphic, but I think has made an impact in the way we view web content in general, is Flipboard and the rise of the visual reader apps like it. These tools have influenced countless brands in the way they layout their sites, focusing on a more graphically rich look and feel.

What are you seeing out there? Are you seeing greater engagement with photo and video posts? I’d love to hear from those of you in the trenches.


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