How Obsessed are We With Social Media and Mobile Devices? (Infographic)

social mediaDo you find yourself scanning Facebook in the morning while you eat your Oatmeal? Or maybe you leave your phone on the table during a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant just so you can quickly respond if you get an important email? Or worse, maybe you are a bathroom social networker…

Well, don’t feel too down on yourself if you participate in any of these activities. According to this interesting infographic from Cisco, social media and mobile devices have become a way of life for many of us. Status updates, emails, tweets and texts have all become about as natural as speaking (for some, more natural).

The infographic is based on the 2012 Cisco Connected World Technology Report, a 3,600 person, 18-country survey of 18-30 year old Gen Y College students and workers and IT professionals.

So, how accurately does this infographic describe your social/mobile obsession? 

cisco social media infographic

Image Credit: sleepyneko