Guest Post: Mobile Marketing Options to Reach Consumers On-the-Go

mobile marketingSmall-business owners who are working diligently to build their businesses and expand their customer bases must somehow manage to reach as many consumers as possible. With increased reliance on technology and more consumers turning to their mobile devices for information, any business owner who wants to keep up with or get ahead of the competition must be prepared to include mobile marketing.

Today’s businesses need to consider local and global consumers when planning a marketing campaign. Options that reach consumers on-the-go will help small businesses build their customer base, increase sales and progress toward higher levels of success. These mobile marketing options can help you reach tech-savvy consumers on-the-go, whether they’re in your neighborhood or across the globe.

Reaching More Customers with Mobile Marketing Options

  • Engajer. Video marketing is on the rise as an effective way to engage consumers. Engajer helps business owners create an interactive, 30-second video that presents and communicates product or service information to the consumer through an interactive series of questions and answers. For greater exposure, pre-recorded marketing videos can also be posted to Twitter or Facebook.
  • Crushpath. If you have a brick and mortar business that serves local consumers, it’s still smart business to have a website. Crushpath helps small-business owners develop a simple, one-page website to inform potential customers and drive them to your business. Promote your product or service directly to your customer base and let people know about your site through email or by sharing it on social media sites.
  • Google Drive. This app helps small-business owners import documents in progress from their computer to their smartphone or tablet for continued work. If you often find yourself in-transit or traveling for business, the ability to access important documents can make or break a sale. Google Drive’s cloud storage provides you with the reassurance that you’ll be able to continue working on important documents from your mobile device.
  • LocalVox. Publish business news, announce sales and discounts, or promote special events using LocalVox. Brick and mortar businesses will benefit from using this app to boost their online presence to the surrounding communities. LocalVox helps you connect with consumers and other businesses through social media sites, with email newsletters and through local business directories.
  • HootSuite. When you’re on the go as much as your customers are, there’s never enough time to post to all social media venues in your marketing plan. Hootsuite consolidates your work efforts by posting to your designated social media venues, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Appy Pie. Do you ever wish you could have an app for your business like the big, corporate conglomerates have? Now you can with Appy Pie. No technical expertise is required to follow the simple steps to create your own business app.

Important Considerations for Mobile Marketing Content

Now that you’ve got artillery of effective mobile marketing options it’s essential that you plan your content wisely. Your marketing content has the power to attract or turn-off potential customers, and your first impression must be one that draws consumers to your business. Be concise with your mobile marketing, keeping in mind that most consumers are viewing it from a smartphone or tablet.

Focus directly on your intended audience, place important information at the top of your post and link to information that’s lengthier in nature. Always end each marketing piece with a call of action that invites the consumer to purchase your product or service, contact you for more information or whatever else it is you want them to do. Don’t assume the consumer will automatically know what to do; by giving them a call of action, you provide guidance in the next step of your business-consumer relationship.

Image Credit: Dan Levy