Guest Post: 5 Ways to Increase Demand For Your Company

Increase Demand For Your CompanyQuick: Think of a company that’s in high demand. Got it? Now, ask yourself how that company got that way. Companies and brands that are in high demand enjoy severe customer loyalty and a proliferation of new customers every day. They didn’t get that way on accident, either; customers that are in high demand followed a strategic path to become sought-after brands in their respective industries. If you want to enjoy the same level of success, consider the following five ways to increase demand for your company.

1. Find your super niche

Determine what you do better than anyone else, and promote the heck out of it. Don’t fix bicycles; rather, make performance bicycle gears more efficient. Whatever industry you’re in, you have to differentiate yourself from the competition, and one of the best ways to do it is to focus on a key area your customers will respond to. You want be known as the choice of winners.

2. Exclusive targeting

Once you have your super niche, you can then target only those who meet your best customer demographics. Doing so doesn’t blanket the market with your name; rather, it makes your name seem more exclusive to those “in the know,” who will then promote your company via word-of-mouth. Send postcards and catalogs to likely customers, print vinyl banners to promote your brand at industry trade shows, and place posters where your audience will notice them.

3. Constant marketing

In addition to exclusive targeting, you need to continually market your company. You can flood the market with posters, banners and flyers, which will help turn your company brand into a household name. Also be sure to continually market to your targeted customers, since repetition is critical to long-term direct marketing success.

4. Generate PR

Distribute press releases, write a column for a magazine, blog or local newspaper, engage in activities that beg for news coverage. The more PR you can get, the better, because it serves as third-party validation of your company.

5. Go social 

Spend time being part of the industry conversation. Directly engage with social media followers. Hold contests that influence products, services and company policy. Lend customers a sense of ownership, and they’ll reward you with loyalty and high demand.

How else can you increase demand for your company?

Image credit: *sax via flickr