Guest Post: 5 Key Metrics for Mobile SMS Marketing (Infographic)

Bulk SMS Marketing is quick, cost-effective, can be very well targeted, good for the environment and has great open and response rates. It is a very powerful communication method, allowing you to reach your customers, wherever they are. As more and more of us are using our phones for mobile internet and social media, SMS can also be used to push for immediate calls to action.

Much like any other marketing tool, however, we need to measure our results with SMS. The infographic below outlines five key metrics for SMS marketing.

5 Key Metrics for Bulk SMS Marketing from txtNation

Delivery rates can vary widely, depending on the list size, message frequency, the routes used (cheaper SMS messaging options can often lead to poor results) and the amount of recipients on pre-paid payment plans. Using a HLR lookup can clean your mobile data, and if you are purchasing data, quality is far more cost-effective than cheaper options.

Open rates for text messages, according to statistics, exceed 98%, whereas email open rates are 22%. This is a measurement on how many subscribers open the message after receiving it.

Opt-out rates are similar to unsubscribe rates for email campaigns. A high opt-out rate generally signals the audience isn’t targeted or the content is not relevant or useful to them. Statistics have told us that the average SMS marketing campaign is opted out less than 5%.

Clickthrough rates measure the percentage of subscribers who clicked through to a website. The increase in use of mobile internet recently has naturally increased clickthrough rates. The average CTR of URLS included in SMS messages is 19%. The size of SMS messages is a key part to this, as it is difficult to get bored half way through such a short piece of text!

Conversion rates are always going to be useful. This is the percentage of visitors who take a valuable action. By measuring this, you can find the direct value of your SMS marketing campaign.