Guest Post: 5 Direct Mail Marketing Cheat Sheets

New MailboxDespite claims that “print is dead,” direct mail marketing continues to be one of the most – if not the most – effective ways of driving new and repeat business.  Engaging in direct mail marketing campaigns requires an investment, certainly, but that investment brings with it an expected return.

You can scour the Internet for tons of helpful direct mail marketing tips, and when you heed best practices you can almost guarantee success for any direct mail marketing campaign.  If you follow the 40/40/20 rule of direct marketing, you know that 40 percent of a given campaign’s success is dependent on the quality of your offer, another 40 percent on your mailing list, and the remaining 20 percent on everything else: your design, print format, timing, etc.

If you want to grow your business, don’t discount the power of direct mail marketing or the power of that last 20 percent. To help spark inspiration, better understand how you can leverage direct mail marketing to grow your business, and deploy your direct-mail marketing campaigns more efficiently, check out the following five direct mail marketing cheat sheets.

1. Direct Mail Marketing: Direct Profit by BOLT Insurance

This cheat sheet presents interesting facts that will bolster your confidence in direct mail marketing and help you identify how to deploy a direct mail marketing campaign.  Did you know, for example, that direct mail marketing spend is forecasted to rise 3.6 percent over the next year?  Or that an average spend of $167 nets an average of $2,095 in sales?

2. Direct Mail Clinic: Designing Bank Marketing Envelopes That Sell by ACTON Marketing

This handy cheat sheet details the design and copy elements associated with a successful bank marketing envelope, but it’s a valuable direct mail cheat sheet for any type of business.  Learn how to employ powerful direct mail design features such as Johnson boxes, sidebars, visual charts and more to increase your response rate.

3. Envelope Sizes Cheat Sheet by Designer’s Toolbox

When it comes to direct mail marketing, different envelope sizes and layouts are best suited to different purposes. Designer’s Toolbox demystifies envelope sizes for direct-mail marketing with this cheat sheet.

4. Postcard Sizes Cheat Sheet by Designer’s Toolbox

Is bigger always better? That depends on your anticipated response rate for your postcard direct-mail campaigns.  You have to evaluate whether a larger postcard will yield an improved response rate that will make the increased initial investment worthwhile.  Either way, you can use this handy cheat sheet to learn which postcard sizes are available, complete with links to USPS mailing guidelines.

5. Direct Mail Marketing Print Templates by PsPrint

This isn’t a single cheat sheet, but it is a handy resource for any business that wants to tap the power of direct-mail marketing.  PsPrint offers free templates for brochures, postcards and other mailers that make the design process easier. Each template comes in the proper mailing size and resolution, and includes helpful guidelines such as safe areas, cut lines and bleed lines so you can rest assured your final printed piece will look just as you intended.

Image Credit: slgckgc via flickr