Every Major Google Search Update From 2013 in One Infographic

These days in digital marketing, the world still revolves around search. Yes, you can see nice shortish term bumps and spurts in web traffic from various social networks and email, advertising and other channels play a significant role in most digital strategies, but generally speaking, search is your long-term solution for traffic generation. In fact, many of these content distribution channels are actually aimed at improving your long-term search traffic.

Staying on top of the various changes in Google’s algorithm and making sure that you are not only doing all that you can to be found in search, but also doing all that you can to not be penalized by search engines can be a full-time job.

Thankfully, in case you missed any of last year’s Google search updates, our friends at E2M Solutions have put together a handy infographic that runs through all of them chronologically. This should get you up to speed quite nicely.

Google earch infographic


Courtesy of: E2M Solutions