50 Amazing Google+ Statistics and Facts (2020) | By the Numbers

50 Amazing Google+ Statistics and Facts (2020) | By the Numbers

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the Google+ statistics and facts that you need to know.

Google+ Statistics and FactsPlease note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others. A few of these stats come from Google’s own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100% accurate.

Google+ Statistics and Facts

How many people use Google+:

300 million monthly active users

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Last updated 10/23/13

Percentage of U.S. small businesses that use Google+:


Last updated Spring 2015

Google+’s reach of the total U.S. digital population:


Last updated 4/2/15

Number of Google+ Unique Mobile Monthly Users:

20 million

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Last updated 5/10/13

Average Monthly Time Spent on Google+:

7 minutes

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Last updated 3/31/14

Average duration of a Google+ visit:


Last updated 7/8/14

Percentage of online adults that visit Google+ at least once a month:


Last updated 3/31/14

Ideal length of a Google+ headline for maximum engagement:

Less than 60 characters

Last updated 4/7/14

Percentage of the (high school) class of 2015 that use Google+ daily: