75 Google Play Statistics and Facts (2020) | By the Numbers

google play statistics

Number of Android apps that were downloaded in 2016:

82 billion

Number of times Google Play Services app has been downloaded:

5 billion times

Last updated 7/30/17

Average number of apps Android users download to their phones:

95 apps

Last updated 9/1/16

Google Play Store’s top selling movie of 2014:

The Interview

Number of Google Play Newsstand users:

100 million users

Last updated 11/16/16

Number of downloads for the Google Play Newsstand app:

1 billion downloads

Last updated 9/24/15

Number of Google Play Music app downloads:

1 billion

Last updated 8/28/15

Number of countries Google Play Music is available in:

60 countries

Last updated 10/7/16

Number of music tracks available in Google Play Music’s library:

more than 40 million

Last updated 10/7/16

Number of books available in Google Play Books:

5 million books 

Last updated 3/6/17

Number of countries Google Play Books is available in:

75 countries

Last updated 9/19/16

Percentage of top grossing apps in Google Play store that are free:


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Last updated 8/26/13

Abandon rate of an Android app:


Last updated 9/6/13

Top revenue generating app in Google Play store:

Candy Crush Saga

Last updated 8/12/13

Top downloaded paid app in Google Play store:

SwiftKey Keyboard

Last updated 8/12/13

Percentage of Chinese Android devices that have Google Play installed on them:


Last updated 1/23/14

Percentage of overall fake app reviews that appear on apps in the Google Play Store:


Last updated 5/27/14

Android percentage of total online traffic on Christmas Day 2014:


Android percentage of total online sales on Christmas Day 2014:


Number of Google Play developers:


Last updated 1/13/15

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