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funding circle statistics

Here are a few of the most interesting Funding Circle statistics I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

funding circle statisticsPlease note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others. A few of these Funding Circle stats come from their own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100% accurate.

Funding Circle Facts

  • Website:
  • Year Launched: 2010
  • Year launched in the US: 2013
  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Founders: Samir Desai, James Meekings, Andrew Mullinger

Funding Circle Statistics

Funding Circle's share of all P2P lending in the UK:


Last updated 1/18/17

Amount Funding Circle has lent globally since launch:

£7 billion

Last updated 6/16/19

Amount Funding Circle has in loans under management:

£3.4 billion

Last updated 6/16/19

Amount Funding Circle has lent in the UK since launch:

£800 million

Last updated 1/18/17

Number of businesses Funding Circle has lent money to:


Last updated 8/28/19

Number of Funding Circle lenders:


Last updated 8/28/19

Number of Funding Circle employees:


Last updated 1/1/19

Funding Circle revenue (annual):

Funding Circle net losses (annual):

Total amount that Funding Circle has raised to date:

$373 million

Last updated 9/3/18

What is Funding Circle?

Funding Circle is the world’s leading marketplace exclusively focused on small businesses — more than $3bn has been lent to 25,000 businesses in the UK, USA, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. Today, businesses can borrow directly from a wide range of investors, including more than 60,000 people, the UK Government, local councils, a university and a number of financial organizations. (source)