Evaluating the Current Trends of Social Media Marketing in 2014

social media marketingUnless you have been living under a rock for the past half a decade, you probably already understand how important social media marketing is to your business – it can play a vital role in both generating new leads and building a relationship with your current prospects and customers.

Still, in order to be able to maintain a strong social media presence, you have to stay in touch with the current trends that are developing in the social media world, and in the online world everything does change very quickly.

So for those who want to stay on top of their game and are looking for something new to build their social media campaigns around, here are some of the main trends that are currently seen in the world of social media:

Original Content is Still Key

Now I know that these are supposed to be new trends, but in a way this one is new, because in today’s over-cluttered online world, producing quality content is more important than ever, if you want to have any chance of your message to be heard.

This includes any written content, as well as video, infographic or audio content that you might put out there – all of it has to be carefully planned and created in order to interest your audience.

Remember, no matter what market you are in, there are probably hundreds of competitors, many of which are backed by a marketing agency. They are all trying to be seen as well, so if you produce average content, it will simply “disappear into the crowd”, so to speak. Only those that produce something fresh and exciting can break through the clutter.

Free Marketing on Social Media is No Longer an Option

Although it is still very difficult for many businesses to measure their return on investment for most online marketing campaigns, it has become clear that not investing in your social media campaigns and relying on free tools to build your presence is not enough anymore.

The days when you could simply rely on free or low-cost methods are mostly a thing of the past, because of the sheer volume of companies that are now utilising social media at least in some form.

However, the good news is that for those who are willing to plan a professional social media campaign to market their business, there are still plenty of opportunities to gain an edge over the competition. Even in the most fierce markets, only a few companies are using social media properly and thus if you start to take it seriously and set a proper budget, social media can really start bringing you terrific results.

Micro-Video Is On the Rise

One of the hottest new trends online is the micro-video, which was made popular by the rapidly growing Vine and Instagram platforms. The short videos, which were mostly used for spreading user-generated content, have recently become tools used by companies who are trying to send out a shortened, simplified message in order to stand out from the crowd.

So if you’re looking for a way to explore new social media markets and reach new audiences, perhaps the micro-video is exactly what your business needs. Of course, as with all relatively new phenomena, it will require time for marketers to fully understand how to best make use of this novel medium.

For now, those who are more daring, can try to use it to hopefully get their message across more clearly, as producing such a short video will obviously require stripping it of anything that’s non-essential.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Photo by Book Worm Laser & Design