How To: Motivate Your Employees (Infographic)

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office water  photoWith the job market heating up and a dramatic, millennial-led shift in workplace attitudes and expectations, building a strong, positive culture has become a very challenging imperative for employers.

Back in the day, employees were motivated by the prospects of working their way up the corporate ladder and earning potential monetary rewards. It was not uncommon for employees to stay at one place for many years, if not their entire careers. That has all changed.

Employees are now much more transient and often rank happiness and job challenge right up there with money and loyalty. They know that there is likely an equally lucrative alternative if they are not happy where they are. Because of this, employers need to realize that keeping employees happy has to be a top priority for them.

Here is a handy infographic from software-maker Weekdone that explores some of the biggest workplace motivation killers. This should be a good place to start in evaluating your employee relations and, if some of these issues exist in your workplace, it may offer up a few ideas for how you can improve morale.

employee motivation infographic

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Photo by Jason Pratt