90 Interesting Facts About Email | How Many Emails are Sent Per Day?

How many emails are sent per day?

Percentage of B2B email that is opened on desktop computers:


Last updated 9/6/16

Percentage of US marketing email that makes it to a recipient’s inbox:


Last updated 8/12/16

Research shows that emails with 20 or fewer lines of text and three or fewer images result in the most number of click-throughs.

Subject line length that see the highest read rate:

61-70 characters

Last updated 4/29/15

Top day for email volume in 2015:

Cyber Monday

Percentage of commercial emails sent by brands in 2015 that were deleted without being read:


Type of Brands that had their emails deleted most without being read in 2015:

Office Supply Companies

Vertical with the highest email read rate in 2015:


Verticals with the lowest email read rate in 2015:

Business/marketing and social/dating companies

Company with most email unsubscribe requests in 2015 (according to Unroll.me):


Company that sent the most email per user in 2015 (according to Unroll.me):

Groupon (avg 388 emails sent per user)

Percentage of email marketers that look at opens and clicks for each send:


Last updated 2/16/16

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