Feedback Frenzy: How to Get and Use Customer Reviews to Improve Your Business’ Online Presence

customer reviews Customer reviews can be incredibly useful for your business. Not only do they make your business come across as trustworthy and open, but they can also provide a number of SEO benefits to increase your visibility and boost conversions. The problem for many businesses is how to get more reviews. Here is a quick guide to some useful techniques.

Link to Third-Party Websites from Your Own Site

People like to give reviews and share their opinions, but if you do not make it clear that you appreciate reviews, they will often forget to leave them. Rather than asking directly for a review, which may put pressure on the customer to leave a positive review, just make it clear that you have a presence on sites like Yelp and Google Plus. You may want to add a badge and a link to such websites from your own site, and when customers see these they will be reminded of the option to write a review.

Point Customers in the Right Direction

When the sale is complete, send an email reminding the customer that their opinion matters. Not only will this make them feel valued, but it could also direct them to the area of your site where you have reviews, or a third-party site where they can leave their opinion.

Don’t try to influence them in any way: if you only collect positive reviews, people will be able to spot this and it can negatively affect your reputation. Just make your customers aware that you have a presence on various channels like Yelp, and they can then make up their own minds.

Send a Card with Their Purchase

Instead of sending an email, or in addition to sending one, you may want to send a thank you card along with the purchase. Again, rather than directly asking for a review, ask them to check out a third-party review site where you have a presence, or remind them that their feedback is always appreciated.

Make it as Simple as Possible

Even when customers do want to leave their feedback, they don’t want to find the process complicated. Provide them with a simple ratings system where they can give a score out of five for factors such as quality and ease of ordering, then provide a space for any further comments. Online marketing companies like regularly advise businesses to keep things simple to get the best results, so keep this in mind and avoid over-complicating things.

Make Your On-Site Reviews Visible

If customers see other reviews on your website, this may remind them to leave their own. So once you have received a few reviews, put them up in a section of your website where anyone can see them.

Get More Reviews for Your Business

Reviews are a great way to improve your visibility and encourage conversions. If you want to start encouraging customer reviews, follow these tips and you will soon start to see the reviews come in. Make both on-site and off-site reviews a part of your marketing program, and as you build up your number of customers reviews, you should start to enjoy all the benefits that they bring.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Image Credit: DigitalRalph via flickr