Creating a Public Commenting Policy for a Facebook Brand Page

I just read an article on ReadWriteWeb about the grocery chain, Publix’ rapid accumulation of Facebook likes for their recently launched page.

What I found most interesting was the great ‘House Rules‘ app that they include on their page which lays out the ground rules.

Here is a sample of Publix’ commenting policy.

We know we aren’t perfect and sometimes you may be upset with us. We do not plan on removing your comment unless it includes vulgarity, racial comments, personally attacks an associate or customer, is a third-party solicitation, or goes against Facebook’s terms and conditions. Anything contrary to our company values may be removed.

For the rest of Publix’ policies, visit their ‘House Rules‘ app.

All brands need to seriously consider doing something like this. Laying down the law up front actually encourages conversation and page activity.

Having rules in place not only gives you cover in case you have to remove a comment, but it also reassures visitors that your company understands that Facebook is social and they are OK to post something even if it is critical of your company or products if they do it in a constructive way.

Do you agree? I welcome your thoughts and comments.