Can Google’s Latest Purchase Save Google Plus?

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For those who are social media savvy, it goes without saying that Google Plus has struggled. In comparison to some of the biggest social networks, with Facebook being something of a model example, it seemed as though Google’s own channel has not secured the scope of audience it desired. However, the company still sees value in the brand. The best way that this can be illustrated, in recent memory, is through its purchase of Polar.

polar google

To the uninitiated, Polar is an online poll company that has been featured across a number of publications and companies. From Mashable to TechCrunch, Polar has garnered attention due to its clean and user-friendly poll options. Last week, on its official website, Polar announced that it would be joining Google. More specifically, it would work alongside Google Plus in order to bolster the struggling social media website. One of the points which interested me the most was when Dave Besbris – the VP of Engineering at Google – spoke about how this partnership would allow Google Plus to become, “…as beautiful and simple to use as possible, especially on mobile devices.” Considering the growing focus on smartphones and the like, this quote stood out to me the most.

It seems like, during the past number of months, a number of social media companies have taken it upon themselves to make tremendous purchases. From what I have seen, each of these have been able to help both parties in every situation. For example, back in February, WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion. Not only did it show the financial muscle behind Facebook but it illustrated the importance of WhatsApp and how this endeavor could work to push both brands forward.

One has to wonder, then, what exactly the value of Polar is to Google Plus. The main idea to note is the ability for Polar to, potentially, help Google reach a higher plateau than it had been resting on in the past. Polar’s polling options have been known to be some of the cleanest and I am sure that any Internet marketing company would agree. In addition to these interfaces, these polls are not only able to track data but, with the right implementation, might actually help to develop social traffic. Seeing as how Google Plus may very well require said traffic, the acquiring of Polar makes that much more sense.

It’s also worth noting that Polar will be setting its sights primarily on Google Plus endeavors for the near future. What this means is that media companies the likes of Hollywood and HBO will not be able to utilize the services of Polar. For the sake of Google Plus’ future, though, one can only hope that this level of commitment will be able to produce results that Google can track in the long-term.

What is your take on Google and its purchase of Polar for, potentially, greater success with Google Plus? Please leave your thoughts below!

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

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