Calorie Counter: A Great App to Help You Eat Right and Lose Weight

For a majority of my life, I have been a workout freak, finding time to workout just about everyday. What I ate was never a concern of mine because, it would only be burned off as fast as it was consumed….

Now, not so much.

With a 4 month old and a 20-hour-a-day job, finding time to hit the gym has become more and more difficult. In an effort to control things as much as possible, I have turned to eating better. I’ve tried a number of apps to help me with this healthy eating initiative and finally found one that is awesome.

Calorie Counter, by Fat Secret, is a calorie tracker, exercise tracker and weight-loss coach. You begin by answering a number of questions about your body type, daily activity and your weight-loss goals. You then enter what you eat, when you eat it and it keeps track of your daily caloric total.

The best part of Calorie Counter is its vast database of food products. Its search feature is very helpful and includes just about everything you can find in the grocery store or at a major restaurant, with countless variations of each. The app also has a very easy-to-use bar code reader that scans a food item and lets you add a serving of it to your tracker.

Each day, the app gives you a calorie cap based on your daily activity and how much weight you want to lose. Throughout the day, you can view graphs that show how you are doing versus your cap.

Calorie Counter is a free app and is available for Android and iPhone/iPad.

Let me know what you think if you try out Calorie Counter. Also, if you have a weight-loss app that you’ve found very useful, please leave a comment and let me know about it.