365 Interesting Google Search Statistics and Much More (2019) | By the Numbers

Amount Google has paid out in security bug rewards:

$2 million

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Last updated 8/12/13

Amount Google paid for Bump:

Between $30-60 million

Amount Google paid for Nest:

$3.2 billion

Number of businesses that pay for Google’s G Suite:

5 million

Last updated 4/10/19

Number of miles driven by Google’s autonomous cars:

2 million

Last updated 10/5/16

Number of autonomous cars made by Google so far:

nearly 60

Last updated 10/5/16

Number of Google Fiber subscribers:


Last updated 10/6/16

Number of Chromebooks shipped in 2014:

5.7 million

North America’s share of all Chromebook sales:


Last updated 10/23/14

Estimated number of Chromebooks shipped in 2013:

2.1 million

Chromebook’s share of all devices in U.S. classrooms:

more than half

Last updated 12/3/15

Chromebook’s estimated percentage of the U.S. commercial PC market:


Last updated 12/23/13

Chromebook’s share of all computer sales to businesses in 2013:


Chromebook’s percentage of US back-to-school PC market:


Last updated 10/2/13

Number of Chromebooks sold to schools in Q2 2014:

1 million

Amount of North American web traffic driven by Chrome OS:


Last updated 2/20/14

Number of Google Cardboards shipped to date:

5 million

Last updated 1/27/16

Number of installations of Google Cardboard apps to date:

25 million

Last updated 1/27/16

Number of hours of VR YouTube video watched on Google Cardboards to date:

350,000 hours

Last updated 1/27/16

Number of photos taken to date with the Google VR camera app:

750,000 photos

Last updated 1/27/16

Number of countries that Google Cardboard is available in:

100 countries

Last updated 10/12/15

Number of languages Google Cardboard is available in:

39 different languages

Last updated 10/12/15

Number of Google engineers:


Last updated 9/16/15

Number of code changes Google’s engineers make daily:

45,000 changes

Last updated 9/16/15

Percentage of Americans that won’t wear Google Glass due to privacy concerns:


Last updated 4/7/14

Lines of code generated from the Google Summer of Code program:

50 million lines

Last updated 10/8/13

Amount Google reportedly purchased Motorola Mobility for in 2011:

$12.5 billion

Amount Google reportedly sold Motorola Mobility for to Lenovo in 2014:

$2.91 billion

Amount that Google spent on data centers during Q2 2014:

$2.65 billion

Number of applications the Google Cloud Platform runs:

4 million

Last updated 2/1/16

Amount Google has paid out in its bug bounty program:

$6 million

Last updated 1/28/16

Most searched-for topic on Google in 2015:

Lamar Odom

Most searched-for movie on Google in 2015:

Jurassic World

Most searched-for actor on Google in 2015:

Charlie Sheen

Most searched-for actress on Google in 2015:

Ruby Rose

Most searched-for athlete on Google in 2015:

Ronda Rousey

Most searched-for cocktail on Google in 2015:


Most searched-for music artist on Google in 2015:


Most searched-for politician on Google in 2015:

Donald Trump

Most searched-for recipes on Google in 2015:

Pumpkin Seed Recipes

Most searched-for sports team on Google in 2015:

New York Mets

Most searched-for video game on Google in 2015:


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