kwick! Stats and Facts

kwick! Stats and Facts
kwick! Stats and Facts
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Weinstadt, Germany
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Mobile App:

Kwick! was founded in 1999 and attained its first million active members in 2007. More than 10 Million Users have registered on its site since inception.Free to Users, Kwick! is one of the top social networks in Europe and is still growing. Kwick! revenues are generated primarily from online-advertising and by hosting special events. Kwick! offers an online, mobile and App-Version of its website. With its advanced technology, Kwick!’s website can accommodate up to 100,000 active users at the same run time. Kwick! employs 10 employees most of whom work at Kwick! headquarters in Weinstadt, near Stuttgart (Germany) and uses a network of over 150 volunteers to moderate its website. The Kwick! website attracts users from all walks of life, while the vast majority of its members are young adults. (source)