What Should Be the Center of All Activity For a Successful B2B Marketing Campaign?

B2B Marketing blogIf you guessed social media, think again…

With social networks like Twitter, Facebook and others adding and removing features at the drop of a dime, the need for B2B marketers to own your content marketing platform has never been greater.

Your campaigns require a platform that can house your content and enable interaction with your audience that you own and control. Not one that can make wholesale changes overnight just to get a few more bucks out of advertisers and leave you scrambling to adapt.

Clearly, the best owned platform for B2B marketing is your company blog. A good blog gives you a place to house your content, collect leads, build a content distribution network and engage with your readers.

A blog gives you the most flexibility to quickly add and change web content which allows you to get in front of relevant news and position your brand as an industry leader. There are also a number of automated elements of blogging that will make your content marketing efforts much more efficient and responsive.

Of course, most blogs are run on third-party platforms and rely on third-party plug-ins, so unless you are using an expensive custom system, your blog is only semi-owned. That said, you can always take your content and subscriber list and go home if they don’t play nice.

Yes, there is still a huge content marketing value to social media, in that, it is a great way to promote your content and get it in front of influencers and targeted readers, who probably wouldn’t otherwise see it. By building a solid, engaged following, you will find social to be a great source of referrals to your owned content.

You should view your B2B blog as your content marketing hub, with all other channels (social, search, email, ppc, offline, etc) leading to it (Tweet this).Each channel has a different target and distribution strategy, but they all have the same goal: to drive targeted viewers to your blog content.

I suspect many of you regular DMR readers already have an established and successful blog, but you would be shocked at how many businesses still have not considered blogging. I see it everyday as I get further and further away from my marketing agency past.

If you are looking to join the cool kids and start driving inbound leads through B2B content marketing, it is time to focus on building a strong blog. Continue to build, maintain and engage with your social networks, but don’t rely on them to be the centerpiece of your digital marketing strategy. All roads should lead from your blog where you can control their destiny and change it on the fly if you need to.

Image credit: Liam Dunn via flickr