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Social media writer at We Talk Social.We Talk Social is an integrated social media consultancy. Since 2009 our founding partner has been providing consulting, strategy, planning and training services, as well as running powerful and successful social media campaigns to give clients the confidence to embrace the benefits of social media.Being ‘raised’ in Yorkshire we have developed a straight talking and honest approach to business, a trait that our clients truly appreciate. We know a fantastic opportunity when we see one, but if you are on the wrong track, we’ll tell you so..!

Brands are Taking the Wrong Approach to Social and Here is How to Fix That

Social media is undeniably an integral part of our daily routine and brings huge benefits to both our business and personal lives. As these benefits become more apparent, an increasing number of brands and businesses are integrating social media into their overall marketing strategies. These platforms give brands a free and invaluable way to connect with clients (both current and potential), spread brand warmth, monitor competitors, manage customer service, gain customer insights and drive website traffic….so what’s not to love?
Yet, many brands are jumping feet first into the social media realm without truly understanding the basics; mainly, how to post content. This seems like a no-brainer to some people, yet many brands still don’t know the most basic and fundamental ‘rules’ of social media. Yes, social media is integral to your brand, but going out all guns blazing with no planning or strategy may in fact do more harm than good.

Is Twitter the 21st Century Newspaper?

With over 225 million monthly active users sending an average of 500 million Tweets per day, its no wonder Twitter is the first place many people turn to receive up to date news and information . And, you don’t just have to take our word for this…there are over 2.1 billion searches run on the site everyday, meaning its hot on the heels with Google and YouTube! However, unlike the other search engines, Twitter allows any individual to post news that will immediately be positioned in the public eye, leaving Google frantically struggling to keep up.

LinkedIn…The Ultimate Career Advisor for Graduates?

Back in 2009 we were presenting to groups of MBA’s, Masters and undergraduates at leading Business Schools about how they should make the most of LinkedIn. Here, we showed them the power of LinkedIn for mapping out their career paths, conducting research, using it as a platform from which to get noticed by potential employers and how LinkedIn will be one of the most powerful tools at their disposal throughout many elements of their careers.