Augmented Reality Finds its Way to Sesame Street

According to a minipcpro video shot recently, Qualcomm is helping Sesame Workshop to introduce augmented reality to its line of educational toys.

The app uses Sesame Street toys and a special playmat as AR markers and when they are hovered over with a device running the app, Bert and Ernie come to life and offer educational lessons.

If you’ve paid any attention to this blog over the past few years, you know I am a huge fan of augmented reality. This app is very cool. The animation is simply amazing and I love the use of multiple tags throughout. In particular, pay close attention to what the TV does when it is placed on the mat. Awesome.

bert & ernie

That all said, I feel like viewer end of this project needs to be developed a bit further. I am all for bonding with my child, but sitting and holding a tablet for long periods of time is tough and the app is going to have to do a heck of a lot more before I give my $500+ device to my child to hover over their toys when I can play a $10 video on my TV that does the same thing.

Here’s my suggested improvement: Maybe Sesame Workshop could release the toys with a custom iPad stand. If they created a slightly elevated child-proof iPad holder that could be placed at an angle in front of their toys and they could sit behind to view the show, I would be one of the first in line to buy the whole setup.

What do you think about this product? Will you be buying it for your kids?


Image Credit: -Bert23-