Augmented Reality: Bringing 3D Virtual Reality to Real World Marketing Campaigns

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Augmented reality has been around for some time but marketers have been relatively slow to find a way to work its technology into traditional marketing campaigns in a way that makes sense.

If the term augmented reality is unfamiliar to you, it is basically the use of a marker and reader system to mix virtual reality and 3D animation into the real world. Augmented reality matches what you are actually viewing in the real world with a virtual, computer generated scene, adding extra information to what your eyes actually see.

A very basic example of augmented reality that has been around for some time is the NFL’s use of first down markers during game telecasts. That yellow line that runs across the field doesn’t actually exist. It is a computer-generated image that interacts with on-field markers to give you the sense that you are viewing a line on the field that moves every time a first down is achieved.

Over the past year, augmented reality has penetrated the mainstream marketing world- and in a big way. From online commerce to product packaging, augmented reality is being used to give the consumer a very unique and personal experience.

Here is a rundown of how some brands are using augmented reality in more traditional advertising campaigns:

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