5 Top Twitter Tools To Improve Performance


There are numerous reasons to join Twitter. The platform is increasingly becoming many users preferred social media site. One of the main attractions to Twitter is the open nature of interaction that it facilitates. Twitter’s popularity has resulted in the creation of over 1.5 million individual applications to help users utilise the platform more effectively. However, due to the colossal scope of Twitter tools to choose from, users can find selecting apps a bit overwhelming. Below is a selection of some of the best apps to enhance Twitter performance.

Twylah - Increases tweet longevity

Due to the real-time nature of Twitter’s interaction, the lifespan of many tweets is extremely limited. Twylah provides users with a vehicle to extend the lifespan of their tweets. This is because the app automatically displays all tweets from a brands handle on a designated Twitter brand page. This format means that a brand’s followers are able to gain a better understanding of that brand’s tweets and interests without having to physically trawl through their feed. In addition, Twylah provides users with ability to launch “Power Tweets” which are then posted directly to a Twylah page. This page includes numerous entries of relevant content; handles which use this procedure have enjoyed greater levels of engagement with tweets.

Tweriod - Shows the best times to tweet

Often brands, businesses and personal users wonder when the best times to tweet are. Tweriod is an app which provides users with a detailed analysis of when they are able to reach the largest number of their following on the platform. The app takes a number of factors into account including how well a handle’s tweets have performed previously at various times and the times when a handle’s followers tweet most frequently.

Buffer - Better tweet results

Buffer provides a format where users are able to place content they wish to tweet which Buffer then tweets at the optimum time. For multiple tweets, Buffer posts the content at optimum times throughout the day, whilst ensuring the tweets are well spaced out. The greatest asset of Buffer is its ease of use; users are able to add tweets to their Buffer directly from an article or website by using the browser extension with a single click. In addition, Buffer creates detailed analytics for each tweet enabling users to see the number of clicks, retweets and the total reach of a tweet from inside the app.

ParrotFish - Greater insight into tweets

The app, ParrotFish is produced by Embed.ly labs and enables users to save large amounts of time. With the ParrotFish app, all links that are shared on Twitter appear with a rich text preview. This enables users to decide whether content is relevant prior to clicking on it. Due to the inclusion of detailed text from the post it has been consistently found that links shared through ParrotFish received greater levels of interaction.

MarketMeSuite – A powerful social media dashboard

The MarketMeSuite was initially a paid app; however a free version has now been launched. The app provides users with a wide number of features and functions that enable them to improve their performance on Twitter. These features include, the ability to create reply campaigns, pull in RSS feeds and enables users to compare the Klout score of the users who interact with them. MarketMeSuite also allows for multiple users to collaborate on a project through the multiple user setting on the app. In order to aid user’s functionality on the app, there are a number of introductory videos that explain how all of its features work in comprehensive detail.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Image credit: Anthony Ryan via flickr

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