5 Tips for Creating the Best About Us Page

office photoIn today’s multi-device, micro-content frenzy, there aren’t many opportunities for your audience to become thoroughly acquainted with your brand; an opportunity to really explain where you came from, and what you’re about, so when one comes along you take it with both hands.

Your About Us page is this opportunity. Maybe it’s a personal habit but whenever I come across a new website, a new potential provider for whichever service or product I’m after, I gravitate towards the About Us page. Nothing irritates me more than a site without one. It’s like finally securing a meeting with a potential client but failing to introduce yourself upon their arrival. Not only does it clarify precisely what your business offers, but for many visitors their first impression of your brand will be formed upon reading this page. Make yours count following these five points.

  1. Tell your story

If you have an interesting or unique story about the way your business was formed, use it! If you don’t, find ways to inject a little charm into it. Don’t be afraid to be personal; if you’ve inherited the family locksmith business, talk about how Great Uncle Joe spent all his daylight hours perfecting his craft to provide his ancestors with a better way of life. Giving people something they can relate to humanises your brand and makes them more likely to trust you.

  1. Introduce the people behind it

In a society where marketing is just an ordinary part of our everyday lives, a brand needs a personal touch to resonate with its audience. A word from, or about your founder or CEO, (or better yet your entire team) instantly makes people feel more connected with you. Photos work really well too. Graphic design brand, Eight Hour Day, not only have photos of their founders but their family dog too, yet the page still retains its professional appearance (somewhat essential considering their industry).

  1. Show some personality

Ok, it’s an obvious one and probably something you’ve heard numerous times before but the tone and language you use in your About Us page couldn’t be more important. Decide how you want your brand to come across and adopt a tone accordingly. A conversational tone is generally a lot friendlier than more formal writing and as a result converts better.

  1. Let your customers do the talking

I know that when I read any About Us page that I always take it with a pinch of salt. After all why would you say your company is anything other than amazing on your own website? Human nature dictates that we are always seeking reassurance from our peers though, so a couple of particularly strong customer testimonials strategically placed on your About Us page can really work wonders.

  1. Include different media

Personally (in case it wasn’t already clear), I love a good About Us page, but not everyone is so fond on lengthy blocks of text. Images, photos and even video are all great ways to tell your story and may help you captivate the attention of your visitors for that bit longer.

Taking a little extra time over your About Us page is likely to result in new customers spending longer on your site as well as share it with friends, family and colleagues.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Photo by Simon & His Camera