5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Agencies Are Booming in the UK

digital marketing agenciesWhy Britain Is Booming

With Britain set to become the global ‘creative services hub’ by 2025, the creative sector of the UK economy has never been stronger. Currently making an estimated £8m an hour, a combination of support from government and the industry itself has helped strengthen the sector that includes: gaming, music, television, film, advertising and marketing. In 2012, creative industries accounted for 5.2% of the UK economy, with a gross value of £71.4bn.

Methods Of Employment

Almost a quarter of the workforce within the creative industry is freelance, the appeal of which has drawn skilled workers from other sectors. Advertising and marketing employed 322,000 creative workers outside of the creative industries, the most out of any sector in 2012. With 1.68m people in total employed within the sector, creative industries accounted for a total of 5.6% of UK jobs. This number is raised further when the creative jobs in other industries are taken into account, raising the total number to 2.55m. The strength of these employment figures, along with the growing nature of the sector and its financial success on a whole, is a key factor in contributing to the boom in creative services in the UK.

Diversity Is Key

The strength for any creative industry is diversity and collaboration, more so than ever for digital marketing agencies. London is a truly cosmopolitan city, inhabited by people from over one hundred different countries. This ensures that a digital marketing agency located in London is more likely to harness and utilize this diversity to its benefit, ensuring a combination of ideas and cultures to ensure fresh and innovative perspectives.

Healthy Competition

The high number of agencies available in the UK, particularly in London, ensures a healthy level of competition. Familiarity breeds contempt, so as each agency is constantly challenged by clients to create innovative ideas, the reality of a competitor stepping in to take over is a very real one. This level of competition is what drives companies to greatness, and there are few industries as competitive as digital marketing. Also, the varying size of agencies ensures that all brands are catered for, from the smaller requirements and budgets, to the huge, multinational corporations.

Customer Versus Result Orientation

Services brands represent a big part of the success of the UK’s digital marketing agencies. Another aspect that drives up the levels of success and directly contributes to the digital agency boom is the difference in strategic approach. By serving as a customer-oriented agency, the focus is heavily on customer satisfaction and giving every client their own voice. This ensures agencies think and act as the customer. Adversely, other agencies focus on the target audience, delivering a direct influence on the return on investment. These are what separate good agencies from truly great, and have contributed in driving digital marketing to the forefront of the creative sector.

Success Rate

Quite simply, digital marketing agencies are a result-dominated business and, of late, the UK-based agencies have been delivering results. Businesses such as Moshi Monsters and Burberry have thrived in London-based locations, as well as Cash Converters, Bodyform and P&G; all three of which enjoyed huge success with UK-based digital marketing campaigns run by British digital design agencies.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Image credit: Detlef Schobert via flickr