4 Simple Tricks To Rank Higher on Facebook

The Facebook Like StampIf your business has a branded Facebook page, you need to know this important information. This knowledge will help to maintain engagement and improve your online marketing strategy. Facebook marketing is changing quickly and this recent updated search algorithm is the most revolutionary change so far. It is also the most important for you to understand.

TIP #1:
Facebook is rewarding timely, original content that brings value to the your Timeline feed. Content such as company blog posts, infographics, white papers, and news reports are going to be shown in more feeds than unoriginal content taken from the Internet.

What is happening?

If your business has seen a decrease in click-through rates and views on your Facebook content and brand pages. Don’t let it get too low before you take action. You can get to the point of losing more than 60% decrease in engagement. How can this be fixed?

TIP #2:
Pictures or “meme” images that try to compel readers to repost the picture or Like it are going to be considered spam by Facebook and thus seen by fewer people. These type of posts should be taken out of any Facebook marketing strategy immediately.

Is Facebook Acting Like Google Now?

Google changed their algorithms in their search engine in order to reward original and creative content with higher visibility and top ranks in searches. This is done to discourage spam or other useless information. The algorithms also help to organize higher quality information. This makes it easier to find what your clients are looking for. This is also partly the reason why your business should pay for the right advertisements on Facebook; similar to Google Adwords.

TIP #3:
With this new Facebook Panda update, it encourages businesses to pay for promoted posts. While it may seem unfair, a business should consider that most businesses and brand pages have been doing free Facebook advertising for many years now. Facebook wants to make their users feeds a more personal experience and businesses will have to pay in order to be included in that.

Many online marketers and content creators know these updates as Panda and Penguin, but now it Facebook wants to do something similar with their own Panda-like update. This is great news because you will be able to have more control of how visible your brand is on Facebook if you know how. And now you do.

With the right kind of Facebook marketing, any business can beat the Facebook content crunch. The final strategic step for you to take is add resources to your social media department to monitor your communication and reputation.

TIP #4:
Consider Facebook marketing like any other form of online marketing, it needs to be adapted for changes faster than traditional marketing. With a light and adaptable strategy, any Facebook strategy can persevere.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Image credit: Denis Dervisevic via flickr