3 Tools for Creating Eye-Catching Facebook Post Images

instagram facebook photo

In past posts, I have discussed the importance of using photos in Facebook posts to improve your brand’s visibility in fan news feeds.

Guess what, our little Facebook optimization secret is out as more brands are using images in posts every day.

Of course, you want your brand’s posts to be seen by and engaged with by as many Facebook users as possible. So, if everyone is starting to use images, how do you stay one step ahead of the pack?

Getting your edge back is simple: Make your photos unique and eye-catching. If a Facebook user sees a captivating image in their news feed, they are very likely to stop, look at the post and possibly engage with it. Eye-catching images are often some of the most shared content on Facebook.

Here are a few tools that come in very handy when creating a Facebook image that stands out.


Instagram is a mobile photo sharing phenomenon that is awesome for creating imagery that is a bit different from what you would expect. With its filters, frames and blur tools, Instagram allows you to create unique images and share them to Facebook. Instagram is definitely a tool that any social media community manager should have in their social media arsenal.

Text-Adding Tools

sample facebook photo with text

Images with text are super popular on Facebook and some of the most shared content on the network. Add a funny saying or an inspirational quote to a photo and it add a whole new dimension to its appeal.

There are many free tools out there that add text to images. I like to use roflbot to create mine.

Photo Filtering Extensions and Apps

Maybe you have an image that you don’t want to use on Instagram  but want to share it with your Facebook fans. Or, maybe Instagram doesn’t have the special filter or photo editing option that you like to use. Fear not, there are a number of simple options to manipulate your photo without having to turn to Instagram or go crazy with Photoshop.

sample facebook photo with filterCheck out the Chrome Web Store and search for photo editors. There are a number of extensions available. I use one called Pixlr-o-Matic that has options very similar to Instagram but works on a desktop. You just upload the image, add the special effects and then save it.

There are also a bunch of iPad apps to creatively edit a photo if your tablet is your community management tool of choice. I use a bunch of these filters for my Facebook and other social postings. One of the most unusual ones I’ve used is MobileMonet, which makes your image look like an oil painting.

Take Away

Imagery on Facebook has become extremely popular among brands because it works and almost everyone knows it. It’s now time to keep ahead of the curve and start creating photos that stand out from the rest. Adding these tools to your social toolbox will help you do just that. Try them out and let me know what you think.