What Were the Hot Trends at CES 2013? (Infographic)

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ces 2013 logoEvery year, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) does a great job at teasing technology geeks about the amazing possibilities for gadgets. Whether they are concepts or products ready for retail shelves, the stuff you see at CES is pretty damn cool.

In case you missed this year’s CES, BestChoiceReviews has made this cool infographic that gives us the highlights from the show.

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From 84″ 4K HD TVs (yes, 4k resolution) to gaming tablets with built-in dual game controllers, CES 2013 had some pretty cool toys.

Of course, if you are interested in seeing one of the more interesting devices at the show, check out the iPotty, a potty training toilet with an iPad dock.

So, what was your favorite gadget at CES 2013?
CES 2013 Trends:  What Will They Think of Next?
Image source: Best Choice Reviews

CES Logo Credit: Google+