What Songs Should Beyonce Sing at the Super Bowl? (Infographic)

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Now this is an interesting use of social media analytics…

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you know that Beyoncé is the star of tonight’s Super Bowl halftime show.

Well, Networked Insights recently used their social analytics tool, SocialSense, to measure social conversations about Beyoncé and made a few song suggestions for the show. Their infographic also measures the impact of Beyoncé’s recent lip-syncing incident at the inauguration and the impact it had on social conversations.

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OK, great, so now we know what Beyoncé’s fans want to hear her sing. The bigger news here for digital marketers is the availability of stats like these and the role they can play in making marketing decisions.

It is amazing how much data is now available to brands if they know how to find it and use it. Just look at the section of this infographic that displays the brands most mentioned in Beyoncé social conversations. Pretty handy information for the brands to have when making advertising and sponsorship information  This just shows that monitoring and measuring what other brands your brand is mentioned in social conversations with is almost as important as monitoring just your mentions.

Enjoy the infographic and the halftime show everyone!

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